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The Benefits of Lactoferrin

What is Lactoferrin? Lactoferrin is a protein found in the breast milk of mammals that is also found in the human body. It is an immune system booster that helps fight against bacterial infections and can also help prevent cancer. “Lactoferrin is a bioactive protein found in milk and other natural sources. It is present […]

Natural Hay Fever Remedies to Try

Have you ever experienced hay fever? Hay fever, commonly referred to as allergic rhinitis, is similar to a cold. Some of the symptoms you may experience include a runny nose, sneezing, congestion, and sinus pressure. But it is not caused by a virus, unlike a cold. Instead, it is caused by an allergic reaction to […]

How To Have a Better Period Naturally

One of the most distressing side effects of women’s reproductive health issues is the scant amount of information available on the subject. Proper education stems from the fact that many women do not know what to think or do when it comes to these periods. Most women have experienced the pains of PMS, the unpleasant […]

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