Sharing Lessons

We all have so much experience that we have gained through our life experiences. It's only right to share it, to help those that share our trials and triumphs. Whether it be health issues or anything else, that's what I want to impart through my words

Supplements And Nutrition

Eating right can be hard, but we have options to give us a little boost

Skincare And Wellness

Our skin is our biggest organ, and a great sign things are going well, or going bad

General Health Tips

Little things we learn along the way can help someone walk when we were crawling

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SARAH Tergann

Health obsessed, life well dressed!

I'm Sarah, a gal who's turned her life around for the better. I used to hide away with my health problems, chronic illness keeping me down. I won't say it doesn't make days harder still, but about five years ago I chose to change things up. It's been a long journey, and I can't say I'm done with it, but every day I learn a little more - and learn how to share it!

I pride myself on looking my best no matter what the day may throw at me. Having fibromyalgia may make me feel like trash some days, but I don't want to feel that means I can't try to take care of myself anyway.

About three years ago, I dyed my hair and redid my wardrobe to help reinvent myself. Gone was the trapping of someone more meek and sad. I was bright and confident, even in those times my body would want to be otherwise. I want to help others be able to take those steps one at a time!

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